The Ultimate Guide to Playing Craps Online

Real money craps is among the highly coveted and most exciting table games that a player can ever come by. Although the table might look a little scary and kind of confusing to newbie craps players, such players will quickly notice that the table isn't confusing as such as they play and slowly get used to it. As demonstrated in , nearly all online casinos have craps games and you can choose to play it either in a downloaded or no-download version. This article highlights some basics of online craps.

A Peep into Craps History and Money Management

Craps is, in essence, a simplified old English dice game version, initially known as Hazard. Its popularity grew a lot in France during the middle ages before it was later introduced in The United States in the 19th century by a French aristocrat. It never took long before this game, which was now known as crapaud, gained popularity among the African-Americans. With the advent of casinos in the 21st century, crapaud gained more popularity and was later named craps. It has since been part and parcel of online casino games.

Craps is a fast-moving online casino game that does not seem to give players a lot of time to think about their wagers as they go. It is overly easy for a punter to forget their active bets and even go ahead to place wagers that they had not planned for just because they have been caught up in the movement. As a player, the best you can do is to make a firm decision on the amount you are willing to risk before the starting of the game.

The Theory of Dice Control and The Craps Best House Edge

The dice control theory is a controversial online Craps gaming method that some gambling writers advocate for. The theory's idea argues that a player holds and throws the dice in such a manner that it ends up limiting the rotations. This practically makes it most likely to land on particular numbers more often than others. A lot of reservations for this technique have been voiced by numerous casinos and such casinos only permit their players to only hold the dice with a single hand. Please note that:

  • Many gamblers consider this theory as a scam
  • Chris Pawlicki, Jerry Patterson, and Stanford Woong are the main proponents of this theory

There are numerous opinions that apply if you choose to adopt craps table strategic betting. Knowing the best craps house edge comes in handy. When it comes to playing online craps, the best strategy is to play the simple pass and don't pass bets and follow up with high odds in a bid to reduce the house edge. Please note that there are different kinds of craps players. There are those who prefer to play safe and slow, and there are others who place high-risk bets for excitement and thrill.


Online Craps Odds Bet

Understanding the odds bet is very important to those who wish to play online craps for real money. A player can always make their odds bet at any time once the point number has been made. They can do this as an addition to their original bet. A player who places a don't pass or a don't come bet can lay odds. On the contrary, one that places pass bet or come bet can take odds. This bet is placed behind don't pass, pass, don't come, and come bets.