The Best E-Wallet Cash Transfer Options for Casino Players

It's quite sensible to create a real-money casino account knowing that you can easily add funds to your account and at the same time, able to withdraw your earnings effortlessly. Here are the five best e-wallets for casino players. For more about casinos, visit .

E-Wallet: Paypal Payment Option

PayPal is among the most successful cash transfer methods across the globe. There are well over 250 million Paypal accounts run by citizens across over 190 countries, giving the e-wallet exceptional popularity. Paypal has earned business success and good reputation majorly because of four reasons:

  • Widespread international adoption
  • High flexibility
  • Strictly enforced security
  • Simplicity

In the casino industry, Paypal has got its fair share of admiration and trust. For instance, PlayMillion, which is a proud Paypal casino, is known for granting its players all the benefits of the acclaimed Paypal payment method. You can easily add money to your account via Paypal.

E-Wallet: Skrill Payment Option

Many people are cognizant of the fact that Skrill is the future of Moneybookers. This e-wallet, which prides itself on over 5 million users throughout the world, is the most popular payment option at sports betting websites and online casinos. The method is both economical and secure.

Most gamblers find it to be a highly convenient method for withdrawing their cash winnings from the casino platforms as well as adding funds to their bet accounts. Skrill has since become the leading European digital money service company thanks to the above-listed advantages.

E-Wallet: Yandex Money Payment Option

Although Yandex Money isn't such a widely-used e-wallet cash transfer option, it has continued to gain tremendous popularity since its inception. This new baby in the block has its roots in Russia where its widespread use has been registered. The key facts about Yandex Money include:

  • It is a joint venture between Sber Bank and Yandex
  • It has over 18 million users
  • It grows by an average of 12,000 daily

Creating a Yandex Money e-wallet account is simple and straightforward. all you need is to fill a short request on the Yandex website using the link available at the bottom of the page. From there, you will be able to enter your preferred username and password.


E-Wallet: Neteller Payment Option

Neteller cash transfer option is currently used by millions of customers in well over 180 countries across the globe. Having been in business for over a decade now, Neteller is considered a very secure and reliable electronic cash transfer method. It is both cost-effective and highly reliable.

Being a quick and secure method to use, this e-wallet has gained popularity and trust among many punters. It enables punters to complete seamless and smooth transactions with various casino cashiers and that's the reason it is preferable among several casinos and players alike.

E-Wallet: WebMoney Payment Option

WebMoney is also commonly known as WebMoney Transfer. It is a global platform and settlement system for online activities and payments. WebMoney e-wallet is a well-known cash transfer tool that assists in performing transactions and operations from the account holder to WebMoney casinos. It is via:

  • A prefix and
  • A 12-digit identification number

If you intend to play WebMoney casinos, it's important that you acquire a WebMoney e-wallet account as you will use it to add money to your account and to withdraw your cash winnings. To create a WebMoney account, Fuse the link at the bottom of the WebMoney page.